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50 Shades of Grey Board Game

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Product Overview

  • Risque and raunchy adults only board game – recommended for over 18s only
  • Officially licensed game based on the famous trilogy by E L James
  • Players listen to questions then secretly vote who they believe is best matched to the question
  • Most ideal to be played with a group of friends rather than just two
  • Game comprises a deck of question cards and “Inner Goddess” tokens
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The literary, best-selling phenomenon which is 50 Shades of Grey by E L James is now a board game. It was only a matter of time really; now you can bring the game the world is talking about to your own party!

The Official 50 Shades of Grey Party game lets you find out how your friends see you and reveals how you see them. Everyone listens to the question before secretly voting on which friend they believe is the best match to the answer. Each 'correct' answer wins an 'Inner Goddess' token. First to 20 tokens wins

Light-hearted and fun questions include 'Who is most likely to have a hidden tattoo?' or which of your girlfriends do you think would be most likely to have an affair with their boss? Name the girlfriend you think is the most romantic?" or "Which girlfriend is most likely to Tweet about a steamy encounter?" It's a bit like Truth or Dare but much more thought provoking. So gather some of your best friends, pour some drinks and start playing. A perfect party game for any hen do, grown up party or girls night in.

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